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Single Tenant Triple Net Leased Properties


Things You Must Know About Sale Leasebacks & Other NNN Properties


What is a Sale Leaseback?  

Sale-leasebacks, once considered to be a last resort for the acquisition or refinancing of commercial property, have now grown in popularity. More and more investors are now turning to sale-leaseback today. It is actually a specific type of commercial real estate transaction wherein a company sells a building they own and operate in, leases it back for a defined period to create quick capital or cash for their business. The company that sells its property becomes the lessee, and the firm that buys the asset becomes the lessor. In this type of real estate transaction, the lessor is usually an insurance company, a finance firm, a leasing company, a limited partnership firm, or an institutional investor to name a few. 

Key Advantages of Sale Leasebacks to the Seller/User 

Why would a company sell a property and then lease it back? The company may require freeing up cash blocked in the property. Also, the company may look to generate a better rate of return by deploying the capital in the business operations rather than using it to real estate use. Opting for sale-leaseback properties is ideal for companies with cash crunch. It will help these firms to raise quick cash and fulfill business goals such as paying debt, funding business expansion, adding to workforce or re-investing into current operations. The top advantages that come with such types of real estate transactions include: 

  • A non-liquid real estate asset is converted to quick cash/capital. 
  • Leasebacks allow user to retain control and utility of the property. 
  • Improve your financial position by freeing up the cash tied up in the property 
  • The property can appreciate, almost at the rate of the lease increases. 
  • The property offers tax benefits through depreciation and other write offs. 
  • More stable cash flow option with a known tenant on long term lease  
  • Less time required in management responsibilities than other forms of NNN properties.  
  • The annual increase in the rent, with property appreciation, is a hedge against inflation. 
  • Leaseback properties also offer disposition potential with long term lease term 

Difference between Sale Leaseback Transactions, Net Lease or NNN Lease Transactions  

In the net lease transaction, the lessee does not own the property before he or she enters into the lease. The lessor buys the property from a third party and net leases the same to the lessee. But in sale leaseback transactions, the lessee owns the asset immediately prior to the transaction, sells it to the lessor, and at the same time leases it back from the lessor. So, the only difference between these two types of real estate transactions relates to the ownership immediately before the transaction.  

Which is a Better Investment Option- Leasebacks or NNN Properties? 

It depends on investor’s goals and situations. Remember, every NNN investment has its own pros and cons. Sale-leaseback is ideal for people who are reeling under financial crisis and wish to raise quick cash to fund their growth plans or pay their long pending debt. Typical examples of this type of property may include long-term NNN single-tenant leases for commercial retail properties such as drug stores, chain restaurants, supermarkets or even banks located on retail sites. On the other hand, a person who wants to exchange or replace his/her property with of the same kind of real property, taking the route of 1031 exchange is a good idea. And individuals who wish to buy a property and lease it for regular income with no management responsibilities; investing in NNN properties seem to be the most lucrative option.  

How Can Triple Net Investment Group Help with Sale Leaseback & Other NNN Properties? 

Selling and buying NNN properties or dealing in 1031 exchange processes is not a child’s play. The same way, investing in sale leasebacks can be one of the most complex tasks, due to the complexity involved in such transactions. In order to help you have successful NNN deals, we, at Triple Net Investment Group, are committed to sharing valuable information, guidelines, tips, property listings, resources and advice. Our consultants will tell you the benefits, risks, procedures involved in certain types of commercial properties available in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and all other 50 states. We are a qualified nationwide intermediary specializing in commercial real estate products. Browse our portfolio of the current property listings or contact our experts for advice on ideal NNN investment options today.   




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Investing in single tenant NNN properties with good credit rating corporations guaranteeing the lease is safe and they can give maximum ROI (Return over Investment). The credit rating of a corporation is a financial indicator to potential investors of debt securities such as bonds. Triple Net Investment Group works with corporate tenants with good credit ratings assigned by reliable credit rating agencies such as A.M. Best, Dun & Bradstreet, Standard & Poor's, etc. Therefore, investment in our NNN properties and net leased properties is an ideal and safe option for investors as there is negligible risk of defaulting on the lease. Moreover, investors can look forward to receive a fixed rent check each month according to the lease that was signed without taking up the responsibilities of property management.


At Triple Net Investment Group, we understand the importance of investment in commercial properties and nnn triple net properties that can give solid growth of income for a long period of time. Therefore, we focus on providing an extensive list of solid single tenant nnn properties for sale to our clients. We are expert in dealing with net leased properties in Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia and nationwide. With our high quality work and utmost client’s satisfying services we have redefined the way of business process in the competitive NNN property market and most clients are able to accelerate their business process  with ensured hassle free experience. With our best possible effort we have benefited both buyers and sellers of NNN properties.


According to industry norm, in Triple net lease properties there are usually limitations on capital expenses. However, the tenant is responsible for property expenses that include property taxes, property insurance, and maintenance. NNN properties are highly beneficial for landlords because the landlords have virtually no responsibility for property management and maintenance. Rents of single tenant nnn properties are guaranteed by renowned corporate credit tenants and the rents include taxes, maintenance, insurance,  etc. for the entire period of the lease.



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At Triple Net Investment Group We pride ourselves in excellent client service. We have access to an extensive inventory of triple net single tenant properties for sale and contacts to find you exactly what you are looking for such as:  


7- Eleven, Advance Auto Parts, Applebee's, AT, Autozone, Bank of America , BB, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Blockbuster, BP, Burger King, Chase Bank, Chevron, Chili's, Citibank, Costco, CVS, Dollar General, DaVita,Exxon Mobil, FedEx, Food Lion, Foot Locker, Gap, Goodyear, Home Depot, Jack in the Box, JC Penney, Jiffy Lube, Key Bank, KFC, Kindercare, Kmart,Kohl's, Lowe's,McDonald, Nordstrom, Office Depot, Office Max, Olive Garden, Pep Boys, PetSmart, Pizza Hut,  PNC Bank, Popeyes, Radio Shack, RBC Bank, Regal, Rite Aid, Ross Stores, Ruby Tuesdays, Safeway, Sears, Staples, Starbucks, Shell Oil, Taco Bell, Target, T-Mobile, Verizon, Wachovia, Walgreen, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, Wendy's, Whole Foods, etc,


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